Wacky Wednesday

Ah Wednesday. A quick op shop janut produced this little beauty.


 I had to learn swiftly to hook on a trailer, and drive down to the op shop and pick it up by myself, as the 3 kiddies in the back seat where hindering the seats being folded down in the car!

We are all fighting over who gets the desk. I want it for my sewing room or the lounge for a writing nook. Ella wants it for a “makeup” table and Mia wants it for her desk. Ari scored a red bookcase form the op shop too, to match his red bench – exactly.

In oher excitement, I removed the horse next door’s foot from the fence, dried 5 kg of strawberries, rocked Ari in the buggy while Ben Harper lulled him to sleep, got thrown up on, and did some work in the study with my new companion hanging over my head. Eek!


Here’s cheers to slowing down!


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