2009: The Year of Slow and No


Happy New Year! I am dedicating this year to slowing down a bit. Not sure how I am going to force myself to achieve this, as I usually cannot sit still.  However, that baby boy of mine refuses to stop growing and I feel like I should be soaking up every minute of those chubby cheeks. He is 4 months old already!


I want to make more homemade items: produce, clothes for the kids, and handmade presents. I want to spend more time in the new “reading room” (sounds posher than it is). We have swapped the house around a bit and kitted out the lounge with big armchairs, books and a stereo. And in another room we have the TV. I barely watch TV. We’re talking an hour a week would be exaggerating. Hmmm, but then I am always on the net……

So, “The Year of No”. I am not commiting to anything this year, which is not very community minded of me. After being on the Kinder Committee in 2008 I am communitied out. Last year I did way too much for other people, especially while being pregnant and having a small baby. I am going to commit to less, and if it is inconvenient to myself or my family to attend/assist then I will try and be assertive and say so. I am hoping to make more time for friends and family. We started out well, and had some lovely friends over on Jan 3rd for a curry lunch, which was crazy but awesome to see everyone. 8 adults and 10 kids, seriously outnumbered. We dined on leftovers for days! 

I hope your 2009 is everything you wish it to be!


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