Store love

I discovered a new store 2 weeks ago. I have already been back for more browsing. Sylph is in North Croydon and is absolutely packed to the rafters with beautiful toys, books and craft supplies. 

 While I was there (browsing for 45 mins. while Mia unloaded their Schleich display) I had to have this book. You know how it is, some things just have to come home with you.

Nature Babies: Natural Knits and Organic Crafts for Moms, Babies, and a Better World by Tara Jon Manning.

At the moment I have cast on the baby bottle cozie, then I will be moving on to these two lovelies:




A few weeks back I bought some second hand Japanese books from Marianne at Applehead, and Mum recently bought me a copy of Cotton Friend.

Along with my shiny new copy of Real Living, I know what I will be doing on Cup Day. In my ideal world, I would turn our lounge room into a reading room and ditch the TV. In my husband’s ideal world, there would be a free to air 24 hour sport channel. Sigh.


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