Hello! I am loving this weekend. We are doing absolutely nothing. We all love to potter about at home, with a big huge list of things to do but never actaully achieving many of them. The girls have spent the weekend playing nicely together in the playroom. Jamie and I have been fixing the hole in the roof (where a possum decided to enter), making a fence, podding broadbeans, and cooking anything that will use up some eggs.

The chooks are laying 5 eggs per day, and we are trying to keep up. I would rather be selling them, and making some $ to keep the chooks happy in chook food. I am struggling with how one begins that conversation with friends. Do you go right out there with “Hey, do you want to buy some free-range, fabulous eggs?”. I was thinking about a friendly note to the neighbours? Here are some of the egg products we are scoffing this weekend:  

The Mega Stack: a double batch of pancakes

These are destined for the freezer, for super-fast gourmet breakfasts on school mornings. I have also been podding broad beans for the freezer (from the last of our crop in the vegie garden), and shelling some walnuts.

This is fast becoming “the produce blog”. I’m a little obsessed with storing food at the moment.


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