Ant vacuum

 As I sat in the sun out on the vernadah two weekends ago, I was surprised to meet this spiky visitor. He/she was ambling along in our rose garden, just 2 metres away, snuffling along in the mulch with its snout, presumably gobbling up ants.

The echidna buried itself in the mulch when it heard or smelled us, and dug about in the mulch for about 1/2 hour before ambling across the neighbours paddock and disapperaing down the hill.

I am loving the sunshine, but I wish we could get a good lot of rain to top up the water tanks for the summer. We are already watering the seedlings in the vegie garden. Some images from the garden this week are:

lone asparagus spear

broad beans

coriander gone rampant




Mia is crazy about broad beans, we all are. Mia has taken some raw broad bean pods for Kinder snack today. She loves them that much!


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