Happy 40th!

We celebrated Jamie’s 40th birthday yesterday. We went out for lunch with friends and family at Rochford Winery, then had some decadent chocolate mud cake smothered with ganache at home. The downside of Jamie celebrating his 40th birthday was that he had to do absolutely everything himself, due to the baby being due in 9 days (!). He made himself a cooked breakfast, then iced the cake he had made, and cooked his birthday dinner.

We have yet to go shopping for a new watch for Jamie, so we gave him some Indiana Jones DVD’s, and some Indiana Jones Lego. The figurine is complete with hat and chin stubble.

I am still recovering from illness last weekend, where I managed to get a “bug in my stomach” (as the doctor put it) and spend 4 days on the toilet before taking some scary antibiotics labelled “do not take at or near giving birth”. I spent all that night poking the baby to check up on it! Now that I am recovered I am spending my days ignoring Braxton Hicks contractions, sitting with my swollen ankles in the air, and trying to make a quilt for a friend who had her baby boy on Sunday.


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