Getting ready

I have been busy getting the last few things ready for the baby. Friday night my friend visited with her overlocker and I sewed up 20 boosters/liners to go in the Baby Cheeks cloth nappies that I bought for the baby. I bought the microfibre and hemp fleece from Bubba Earth, and copied a Baby Cheeks liner I had bought. They use 3 layers of microfibre, but I read that the microfibre can suffer from compression leaks, so I sandwiched it between the hemp.

I have also sewn up some cloth nappy wipes, and 2 wet bags. I am new to the world of cloth nappies, having not used them for the girls. I liked the look of the Baby Cheeks nappies, especially as they have the adjustable leg elastics. We breed kids with stick legs around here!

I figured since I had to wash the nappies anyhow, I might as well wash the nappy wipes also. The wet bags are for trips away from home to transport wet cloth nappies home in. I bought the PUL fabric for $3 from Bubba Earth and am pleased with how the bags turned out. I used these instructions from Amity Mama.

I am keen for baby to arrive so I can try the new nappy system out and see how it all goes. I also have about 8 of the flat nappies which I can fold myself if I get really stuck – a handy skill I learned working with children for 8 years before having my own kiddies.  16 sleeps to go!


One thought on “Getting ready

  1. You are so clever – hope the cloth nappies work well! looking forward to hearing about the new arrival soon – Luv Bellsiexx

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