Production line


I bought some Fowlers preserving jars at a garage sale on the weekend. I love these jars! I have several preserving jars, most waiting to be filled and some with tomatoes in them from our summer crop. I like to preserve and keep produce from other seasons, to enjoy later in the year.

I was overjoyed to find all kinds of preserving supplies in my local Mitre 10 store at the weekend (yes, check with my hubby – this made my weekend!). I am angling for a Fowlers electric preserver for Christmas. Mum used to use the oven to preserve the jars, but with baby #3 on the way, I am dreaming of the time saving electric method.

I also have a Fowlers dehydrator, which we use regularly. I had already bought the dehydrator, and then we found out that sulphur dioxide (220) sends Mia hyperactive. She is a changed little girl and much more pleasant to live with since we discovered this. 220 is also in sausages, gelatine, wine and many dried fruits. I have been drying lots of fresh fruits and storing them in pasta and jam jars which I recycle.

In the autumn we found an upright freezer on the side of the road for the council collection. We took it home, and on the weekend installed it as my “preserves” storage centre. It is loaded with zucchini pickle, tomato relish, tomato sauce, dried fruits, strawberry jam, tomatoes, and cherries.

My freezer has frozen raspberries, homemade lemon cordial, pumpkin puree and vanilla apple puree. I make our own butter, bread and icecream. I love being able to go to the freezer and use produce prepared from the summer to enjoy in the winter. I also like to know what is in my food, and where it was grown.


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