Sunshiney day

It is a glorious day today! 9.30am and already the fog has disappeared! This is huge for the little valley where our house is, where the fog seems to gather until lunchtime. The valley was all frosty white at 7am and is now beginning to thaw out.

Both girls are at Kinder/school, and I am supposed to be dedicating this day to working flat out, on the job that keeps the bills paid. BUT the sun is shining. Sigh.

Usually I work til 11pm on Wednesday nights, do Kinder drop off/pick up and then madly squeeze in some work, while shouting at Mia to “hurry up and get your shoes on – we’re late!” before racing off in the car to get Ella from school. Today my mother-in-law is doing the Kinder picking up, taking Mia back to her place, and then picking up Ella and bringing them out to me. 

I came to the revelation that the stress of a Thursday is not good, shouting at Mia is not good, and driving fast to school is not good. Also, there is the added bonus of a shiny new baby in 5 weeks time (!) whom I’m sure will have needs that will clash horribly with the aforementioned rushing around.

So, I have visited the chooks, made a cuppa, and am writing this blog. I will get something done real soon…..but for the moment, the sun is shining!


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