Snippets of news

I went to the Melbourne Craft Fair with a friend on Sunday, and had a good browse around. I bought some fat 1/4’s and a pattern book, and got lots of ideas and inspiration. Mum was here over the weekend as well – we did some op shopping and had lunch in Olinda. We scored a “fill a bag for $5” bin of fabric at one op shop. I mostly got some plain fabric for lining bags, and this treasure:

Ella was made an E.L.F on Monday at school, in a badge and certificate ceremony. ELF stands for Envrionmental Leaders for the Future. She was voted by her class, and is very proud of herself. Her teacher says she is always picking up rubbish, turning off lights, and reminding her peers to bring “nude” food to school for snacks (food without packaging). This is what we encourage/practice at home, so I am pleased to see some of it rub off on the kidlets.

I came home from the Craft Fair inspired, and wrote down a big list of all the unfinished sewing projects and future projects in mind. Big mistake! The list is looong. I remedied some of that by sewing together the legs of a knitted octopus puppet while watching Mia swim on Wednesday, then began a new project today. It will be out of the house soon though – I am sewing a little bag for a 6 yr olds birthday party on Satruday. I am supposed to be sewing nappy liner/boosters for the pocket cloth nappies I bought for the baby – hhhhmmm. Possibly I should order the fabric and get on with it. The recent sunny warm weather has been luring me outside – blossom trees are on their way, and the bulbs are all confused.


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