Barbie birthday bash

Mia turned 4 today. She had her first big birthday party at a play centre yesterday, and had a fabulous time running around amdly with her friends. I usually prefer to have birthday parties at home, but at 32 weeks pregnant I really don’t have the energy!

Today we spent the day at home, playing with Mia’s presents and relaxing at home on a rainy day. I had a long list of things I wanted to do, and did none of them. I managed to create the requested Barbie cake for Mia. I was happy with how it turned out.

I improvised with some steamed pudding basins for the cake mould (do you know those Dolly Varden cake pans are $30?!!!). Barbie needs to have her legs removed to place the torso on the cake. We tested out all the Barbie’s for a ball and socket leg join, and Jamie confidently wrenched Barbie’s leg from her torso – SNAP! oh well, the sacrificial Barbie.


It was all iced in hideously sickly sweet pink icing and a smattering of pink and white M&M’s. The perfect dessert after Mia’s requested birthday dinner of fish and chips!


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