Happy snaps

I picked up my new toy, a Nikon D60 last week. I have wanted one for the longest time. I am loving taking happy snaps, especially at the beach when we were at Warrnambool last weekend.







We spent the day at Fun4Kids Festival, seeing Justine Clarke in concert, seeing a Pirate play, woodworking, making fairy wands, face painting, chicken holding, tiara making, reptile patting and countless more activities. There is WAY too much to do in one day, but we crammed most of it in!

We had a lovely time catching up with family. Mum and I went op shopping, which is our Saturday morning thing to do, then went out to lunch in Port Fairy. Week 2 of school holidays is in swing here, with Ella having 3 weeks off from her school this break.

We have been enjoying spending time at home, sleeping in, and generally lazing about. We have a few craft activities planned, some play dates, definitely some baking, and lots of reading planned. We have a whole series of Fairy books to wade through, some craft books, story books, knitting books, and home magazines to browse. Bliss – we are warming up the sunroom for just this purpose, while the sun is shining.


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