Riding gloves

Ella has been having riding “lessons” with the girl across the road from us. This has many advantages: it is close by, it is cheap, Ella can be around horses, we don’t have to purchase a pony.

3 weeks ago it was bitterly cold, and Ella’s hands were freezing, so I knitted up some fingerless gloves. After 2 attempts to find a pattern I liked, I gave up and went with the popular approach for me – the “wing-it’ approach. 

Today I went for the utterly hideous 27 weeks pregnancy glucose test at pathology. 2 lots of blood taken, and a 300ml bottle of feral green sugar filled fizzy. Ugh. The only part I enjoyed was the 1 hour wait reading the latest Real Living magazine with no interuptions.  I will find out how the test went next week. In the meantime, a 6 yr olds birthday party on the weekend should provide plenty of sweets to gorge on!


2 thoughts on “Riding gloves

  1. Those gloves looks pretty snazzy, and warm! I hope Ella has fantastic 6th Brithday this weekend and I may look forward to a full display if riding skills when I visit……
    Happy Brithday Ella – Love Bells

  2. I am a big fan of winging it and so not a fan of that horrible glucose test. I hope it all comes out well. I flunked mine with the first babe – and when the second came around they didn’t even make me take it – just had me start checking my blood sugar again. 🙂

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