Magnolia Square Market and a Quilt Show

I visited the Magnolia Square Market on Thursday, to browse some handmade craft. Lots of inspiring creations, and tempting goods to buy. I was quite restrained, but I had to have this necklace. It is by Klei and made of porcelain. I would describe it as being very ‘me’ – elephants, blue, green, silver, porcelain, slightly Japanese floral design.

 This morning I went to the Waverley Patchworkers Inc. Quilt Show “East meets West”. Lots of beautiful quilts, especially Japanese inspired quilts, which I love. Some of my faves:




















I did a Sashiko class organised by the Waverley Patchworkers a few years ago. I love this type of stitching, the indigo fabric and white thread. I keep meaning to do some more Sashiko.

Tomorrow I am off to the Baby and Kids Market to find some second hand items for Baby #3. I’m on the lookout for bargains!  


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