Family portrait

Happy Mother’s Day! I have had a quiet weekend at home, just how I like life to be. I have been sewing unicorn and fairy pyjamas, and managed to whip up 2 tote bags. No photos sorry – Mia is in bed wearing the PJ’s!

I have been meaning to post this portrait of me, by Mia. For those who are adept at deciphering children’s portraits, this one contains some exciting news…..

In the middle of the Mummy portrait is a baby. The baby is due in September, and all is cruising along nicely. Mia wants a sister, and Ella a brother.  Hmmm.

I have been getting things ready for the new baby, which includes knitting tiny gender neutral booties while watching Mia’s swimming lessons.

To close, some pearls of wisdom from my sweet girls, who make me laugh out loud daily. 

When life gives you juicy mandarins….get creative!



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