Mini-swap 3


                                   Mini Swap 3

***apologies – my photos won’t behave! 

Last week we received our mini-swap from Lori, Aidin and Eliot. WOW! They really outdid themselves. Everything was beutifully wrapped and alot of thought went into the wonderful gifts (note the eager hand at the bottom!)

    mini swap 3mini swap 3

Some colouring books (well used already) and sketch books. The girls love to draw, and Mia’s includes my new favourite picture (more next blog). Some aprons, some books to share, CD’s and information about Lawrence, Kansas.  We also received some craft things – door hangers to decorate, wooden rabbit and flower to decorate, felt button bracelets to make, and the t-shirts – oh my! Ella’s has a horse embroidered on, and Mia’s a koala (their favourite animals). These have been worn daily, and I had to prise them off the girls to wash them.

        ella mini swap 3mia mini swap 3

 So spoilt! Lori also send me some lovely fabric and some magazines (Martha Stewart Kids Good Things and Wonder Time) – I am saving these up for our upcoming holiday to New Zealand. 4 sleeps to go!


One thought on “Mini-swap 3

  1. Yea! I’m so glad they arrived in one piece and that the t-shirts FIT! It was a joy gathering up these things to send.

    And starry monster is slept with EVERY NIGHT!

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