Nanna Me

Welcome to my Wednesday. Knitting and swimming. Both girls attend swimming lessons on a Wednesday, at different times. I am a good Mum and watch them all the time, but I hate to ‘waste’ an hour. Today it is knitting. I am knitting all those must have knitted itmes as we head into Autumn – a knitted octopus finger puppet and some baby booties.

Easter has snuck up on us this year. Easter in March is too early for me. We have yet to make chocolates, Easter baskets or decorate our Easter tree. But a 4 day weekend that involves chocolate – I am always ready for that! 

The fog in the valley this morning:

Early morning fog in the valley

Little men marching across my windowsill (the one with the handbag is my favourite):

Shadow marching men


One thought on “Nanna Me

  1. Hooray! I was hoping you would post again soon. Easter is so incredibly early this year… the only bonus is that there is a public holiday for my birthday! Hope you and the girls are all well. xx

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