In a pickle

In a pickle …..or rather, up to my elbows in pickle! Our thriving vegie patch is getting away from us and we are preserving madly. Monday night was tomato relish, last night was zucchini pickle and tonight is tomato pasta sauce. Phew.

 Last night while other couples snuggled up on the couch and watched TV, Jamie and I turned our kitchen into zucchini-pickle-making madness. The recipe needs 1 kg of zucchini, we had 4kg. So, a quadruple batch it was. 14 jars later, the results were good. We recycle jars such as pasta jars, the ones with the self-sealing “popper” (Jamie did say that everytime a jar “popped” down as it sealed overnight, he woke up). I never liked this pickle, but stangely this year I do. A bit like mangoes really. Never used to like them either until I was in my 30’s. Hmmm. Maybe pickles taste better when you make them yourself.

Zucchini pickle - jar 1/14Zucchini pickle – jar 1/14

 yellow teardrop tomatoesroma tomatoes

The new yellow teardrop tomatoes have just started to ripen, and they are good. Really good. The roma tomatoes and cherry tomatoes are going strong as well. Someone once told me I should have been born Italian.


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