Mini swap 3

Today we have finished off the last few items for the Mini swap 3, organised by MommyCoddle. We got Laeroport as our swap. My girls are very excited to be swapping with children on the other side of the world. We have all been working hard on our swap items (some of us harder than others!).

 It is a lot of fun to put together a parcel of gifts for children you have never met, we had a great time finding treasures that we hope our recipients will enjoy. I can add some photos of what we are sending, as I have just started this blog and it isn’t out there in blog world yet! So…..should be safe to post some photos!

mini swap 3 - girl

 mini swap 3 - boy

The Cosmonaut Devil softie is from this book, Softies

I am simmering some relish on the stove now and it smells fantastic. There is nothing better than homemade anything I think. Especially when the produce is from your own vegie patch. The first batch we made had too much liquid, so we are re-simmering the batch now. Better to be spreading than pouring relish as a general rule.


One thought on “Mini swap 3

  1. Kirsty!
    Your parcel arrived on Saturday and everything has been poured over and read and loved. Possum Magic is one of my all time favorite books and I only had a little tiny version. We loooooovvvveee Mem Fox! And Eliot has named is Cosmonaut “Starry” – he has been snuggled twice at bedtime and this morning I caught Eliot trying to share his cereal with him. 🙂 Aidin immediately put on the necklace and has already put her bag of treasures to use. And I can’t wait to delve into my magazine and take my string bag to farmer’s market. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness! And to Ella & Mia – mwaaaah! Big kisses from Aidin and Eliot.

    I hope ours will reach you soon!

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